2017-10-20Postdoctoral and Engineer openings in Tian`s group! 厦门大学田中群院士团队招收优秀博士后和工程师![Link]
2017-02-27Congratulations to Prof. Zhong-Qun Tian for winning the ACS Award in Spectrochemical Analysis!
2016-12-07Congratulations to Chao-Yu Li on his successful thesis defense for Ph.D. degree!
2016-05-26Congratulations to Prof. Zhong-Qun Tian being elected as President of International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)
2016-05-25Congratulations to Jun-Yang Liu, Hai-Xin Lin on their successful thesis defense for Ph.D. degree!
2016-04-26Congratulations to Yu Wang on his successful thesis defense for Ph.D. degree!
2016-04-25Prof. Martin Moskovits` toturial lecture videos on SERS and plasmonics were uploaded, please enjoy!
2016-04-18Song-Yuan Ding, Chao-Yu Li, Jun Yi, Song Yu and En-Ming You attended the forth international conference on frontiers of plasmonics held in Hefei, from Aprol 4-10.  Jun Yi and Song-Yuan Ding was awarded the Best Poster Award.
2016-04-05Beijing Symposium 2016 on Chemical Reactions under External Fields – Nanoplasmonics and Nanospectroscopy was held in Xiamen, April 2-5, 2016.