The International Conference on Frontiers of Plasmonics (FOP) aims to present a platform for scientists in the field of plasmonics to present and discuss their latest research results, exchange ideas and inspire new thoughts. The FOP conference series was initiated during the Nanophotonics workshop of the International Center for Quantum Structures (ICQS) in 2009, which later was recognized as FOP0. Since then the FOP series had been held biennially, co-organized by the Nanoscale Physics & Devices Lab, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, and a local institution in China, with FOP1-3 successfully held in Xi’an (2010), Chengdu (2012), and Xiamen (2014).

Song-Yuan Ding, Chao-Yu Li, Jun Yi, Song Yu and En-Ming You had attened the FOP4 held in Hefei, from April 6-10. Jun Yi and Song-Yuan Ding was awarded the Best Poster award.